The Abaya Fabric Guide

One essential tip for choosing the best abaya for you is selecting the right fabric. There are tones of fabric in stores around you but some of them are not good for the season or your location. I know a friend who is uncomfortable in cotton dresses. She says it makes her nauseous. Even if the best designer in the world designs an abaya, kaftan, or hijab using a cotton material, she’ll not purchase it.

Do you know which fabric is best for you? There’s no one size fits all approach when it comes to choosing a fabric but we all know what’s best for us. Here’s a quick test you can carryout to ascertain the fabric you’re most comfortable in. Take a walk to your closet and do a census of the different fabrics there. If you have more crepe or cotton, the chances are that they’re your favorite fabric.

Here are some fabrics used for abayas:


Nidha is 100% polyester and it is suitable for people in temperate regions. It is used to make high quality abayas that are easy to wash and comfortable to wear. They are relatively expensive but they are worth the extra cash.


Chiffon is a transparent and lightweight fabric that is used to make several designs of dresses. It is made of polyester. The material is commonly known for its flowy nature which makes them more appealing. Not only are they used to sew elegant abayas, they’re cool for hijabs too.


Crepe is a fine quality fabric with a twisted weave that gives it a slight textured appearance. A quality crepe material does not crease unlike many other fabrics. They are used to sew countless modern and traditional designs that are in tune with Islam’s preaching on modest dressing.


Fibers from linen fabrics are gotten from flax plant. If you’re used to cotton abayas, you may want to try out the linen version because it is two times stronger than cotton. You should have an abaya made of linen for summer breaks because they’re your perfect summer companion.


Where are luxury lovers? If you love to show class and the stuff you’re made of, a satin abaya is your best bet. This luxury fabric is used to make high quality dresses and the abaya is not left out.


Cotton is one of the most popular fabrics on the planet. Virtually every one you know has a cotton fabric in their closet. It is comfortable to wear and a popular choice for Muslim women the world over. Who doesn’t like the comfort cotton brings?


Jersey is a stretch material that curls at the edges when it is put under pressure. It is used to make modern dresses, blouses, skirts, and more importantly abayas!

Which of these fabrics do you currently have in your closet? Which ones would you be adding to it?

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